Suelon's Sports Club Card Program

Club Card works really well with clubs who want extra income

Suelon’s Club Card works really well with clubs who want extra income:

Our club card system allows clubs to create income from smartcard technology:

We set up a monthly income for your club from your members’ activities; members become more committed to the club and get benefits when they use the smartcard system or our app-based system.

We do all the work for you all your members’ needs.

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT has changed the way sports club deliver revenue
Our methods is to drive revenue into sports clubs without asking fans to spend more
Suelon enables sports clubs to access group discounts across retail – that gives fan and clubs access to revenue


Suelon is a company with a new idea
Suelon has created new software that enables sports club to monetize there supporters and make supporters much more loyal
We operate with large key accounts including thousands of smaller local retailers and some national retailers.

Our system is ready to go
We have built technologies
We have developed the code base
We have validated and testing it in live environments
We have got regulatory approval in EU USA and UK
We create for Large sports Clubs a Card or APP system that enables club supporters to get discounts on existing daily shopping
We require a discount of 5%-10% minimum from all our partners – we share this discount as follows – 3%-5% discount to the sports club member and the remainder goes back to the club or charities etc. group shop % become vast numbers very quickly


Our system is ready to go – we require the shoppers
We allow members to add change (coin) to our cards – we are the only company globally operating in this space
Our apps can be downloaded immediately by club members


We create a shopping community – all retailers are very interested in welcoming loyal sports fans into their stores
We create a matrix of stores where members can shop with cards and downloadable apps
We have full regularity approval in the UK and ROI, and within the United States and the EU
Our shopping network is delivered through NFC physical cards and downloadable apps
Suelon will administer the discounts, manage the cards and invoicing systems


Group shopping is a simple yet very profitable revenue model-

Suelon aims at a minimum to deliver a 5% discount from National retailers
The 5% discount is split between members and the sports club, typically 3% to member and 2% to sports club
“Sports Club A” have 100,000 member using Suelon
Average spend per week is £50- this is 5 million on shopping per week
So the member or a fan benefits 150,000 in that week
The sports clubs benefits a 2% which is a 100,000 per week


Obviously discounts can be much larger than 5% and the average grocery shop in the UK is £100 per week
Sports club A – with the help of Suelon has got a potential income of £5 million per annum and has given his fan base a discount on their existing shopping.
The sports clubs is also talking to its fan daily as there is use of the card – and the card is a fully branded sports club card


Within the mining and analytics of the program has created some really clever algorism to allow sports clubs to really understand their fan base – customers
Suleon gives clubs access to entire CRM that enables clubs to transact better with their fan base – customers
All the data – analytics within Suelon is owned by the sports club and hosted on Suleon clouds
All terms and conditions are delivered by Suelon based on local legal and regulatory requirements

As with all commercial relationships – we look at the retailers who are involved in sponsorships of clubs and we insure these people get first call on getting involved: will operate its technology with small and national retailers who thrive on local sports clubs support
We also operate with major travel companies/airline companies will put an entire shopping package together for your supporters to benefit from daily – our average discount will be 5% and the customer will receive 2% of the 5%


Our technology enables large sports club to deliver benefits to their fan base via discount on their shopping
Our technology delivers massive benefits financially to the sports club its self
We bring all the retailers with us to create this shopping/income
All the tech required is developed and in place and approved
We offer “change” to retailers where small “change” can stay on the card – this really drives the membership of the program
We create and install and manage all relationships to insure success


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