Suelon's Loyalty With Prepaid Solution

If you are an SME you are going to love this

We give each one of your customers a really advanced smartcard with your brand on it. This smartcard can do many really amazing things:

It allows your customers to put their small change back on the card instead of removing it from your till
It allows your customers to earn real points from each shop with you, which they can use against their next purchase at your business
Web access is cool – but we don’t need it with our system
Our smartcard and app system are about bringing your customers back more frequently
Smart security


Do you know their names, genders and occupations?
Do you know their average and total spending?
Do you know who your top loyal customers are?
Do you know their frequency of visit and the last time they visited you?
Do you send greetings to your customers on their birthday or anniversary?
Do you maintain a database driven Customer CRM?

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