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What makes Suelon the best loyalty solution?

  • No sign up fees

  • Card & Cardless Loyalty

  • Data on the cloud

  • free mobile apps

  • insightful analysis & reporting

World’s Best Change & Loyalty Program

A loyalty solution that allows your user to load their change in their membership cards which they can use in their next purchase. Introduce loose change as a part of your loyalty program that will certainly bring back your customer the second time!

Reward your customers with a 4% discount on every purchase!

Pricing Plans

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    € 100 Million +
    transaction logged

  • Over

    € 100,000 +
    Collected as additional change

With Suelon, your business makes more money.

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Suelon: Be Smart, Be Successful

Retaining existing customers is easier than attracting new ones and brings you more business value. Suelon integrates smartly with your existing platforms and offers you a host of exciting features:

  • Instant Sign Up and Account Activation
  • Fixed Pricing Plans
  • Card and Cardless Loyalty Programs
  • Easy and Intuitive Setup
  • 24X7 Support in All Time Zones

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Mobile Apps For Members

The Member mobile app has the following screens


Each member has a secure login to their account. The password may be changed or updated at any time by the member.

Sign Up

The mobile app is Free and simple to download on any smart phone.

All Loyalty Cards

The member can view all Suleon Loyalty Cards held for any number of merchants. As the system grows it is envisaged that members will have many options when they can shop using the Suelon technology and receive significant loyalty benefits.

Full Card History

A full card history is available to the member by simply logging in using the chosen secure password.  Details on every transaction, with each merchant, is available along with the points accumulated from purchases, change added and the number of points redeemed.

Member Profile

The member has the option to create a profile similar to a social media profile. This includes adding a picture, personal information etc.

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Mobile Apps For Merchants

The Merchant mobile app has the following screens

Login with NFC

We have a simple login for the merchant using our NFC technology. As a security measure a staff card must be used when logging in to record any transaction. The identity of the staff member is recorded automatically and any errors or omissions can be traced at any time.

List of Members

The merchant has a full list of members complete with email, telephone and address which is very beneficial for marketing purposes.

 Member Card History

Every transaction of each member card is recorded and available at all times to the merchant.

Add Member

The “Add Member” function is simple and easy to use. A new member can be added in a matter of seconds and may commence transactions with the merchant immediately

 Ban Card

For any cards lost or stolen the merchant has the option to “Ban Card”. This will remove the card from the system and if presented in future the card will not be active. A new card can be issued for any lost or stolen cards.

Merchant Profile

A full profile on the merchant may be added to the system which is viewed when the member logs in using their username and password on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Full loyalty program summary from one dashboard screen

Total Points balance : This gives the merchant an up to date, real time points balance for his/her members

Total Points Earned : This is the number of points created from the shopping of members

Total Change Added : The total change left in the merchant’s till by the members

Total Redeemed : This gives the number of points redeemed by the members against purchases with the merchant.

Total Members : This is the total number of shoppers who have registered for a loyalty card with the merchant.

Total Transactions : This is the total number of transactions in a given period. The merchant has the option to search a particular day, week, month etc. in the CRM to get this figure. This is very important to the merchant in demonstrating the busy periods for shopping. This will help with stock, staffing and opening hours.

Active vs Inactive Cards : Many people register for a loyalty programme but not all fully engage with it. This feature lets the merchant know who is shopping on a regular basis with the business. This information enables the merchant to do a specific marketing campaign to the inactive members to encourage them to shop.

Points by Month : A total number of points created in a calendar month

Transaction by Month : The total number of transactions in a calendar month

New Members by Month : This feature helps to motivate the merchant and the staff to build up the loyalty programme on an ongoing basis.

Top 5 Members : It is important that the merchant knows who his/her top shoppers are. This may be by shopping volume or by number of visits in any given period.

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